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The Hollywood Hill

Co-Founded/Led one of Hollywood's largest membership and event organizations,
connecting Hollywood film, tv, music and gaming professionals
with leading innovators in science and technology

Some Fun Moments... (more event pix)

Play4Change Lab

Co-Founded/Executive Director of development lab for Games for Change & Serious Games,
with an emphasis on games integrating sensor-based tech

Armchair Revolutionary

Co-Founded/Led micro-financing, crowdfunding, & virtual currency platform
designed to launch 200 innovative social projects per year,
each needing an average $500K-$1M


Join The Armchair Revolutionaries by Mike Snider, USA Today, April 5, 2010

Crowdsourcing Start-up Aims To Change The World by Daniel Terdiman, CNET, April 5, 2010

Activism Website Targets Gamers by Ted Johnson, Variety, April 6, 2010

Games That Can Change The World by Oliver J. Chiang,, May 4, 2010

Can 99-cent Donations Create Social Change? by Ariel Hauter, Harvard Business Review, April 12, 2010


Tiles & Christiansen

Partner in family-run product design & development firm,
producing home decor products sold at 5th Avenue retailers,
as well as private-label products for established fashion houses & hotels

In Development

High-finance social change crowdfunding platform

In Development

The world's first virtual yacht club